How​ ​Boston​ ​Commercial​ ​Real​ ​Estate​ ​Firms​ ​are​ ​Implementing​ ​Drone​ ​Services

September 12,2017

UAVs are shaking up business as usual. Thanks to commercial drone services, New England
real estate firms can leverage a powerful tool to market and sell properties. How are leading
companies putting this technology to work for them?

Drone Services: Boston Real Estate Firms’ Not-So-Secret Weapon

Drones may be high-tech, but implementing them effectively in your real estate business is
simple. With help from FAA certified, professional pilots/operators, you can start realizing the benefits,

● Capturing property-wide aerial photographs and video. Use this imagery in listings,
presentations, and pitches to potential buyers.
● Visually accessing hard-to-reach or inaccessible areas of the property easily from your
office or other location. Left your mud boots, climbing rope, and ATV at home? No
problem. Remote viewing is an excellent, and safe, alternative.
● Confirming the condition of structures on the site. This is particularly pertinent in terms of
roofs and towers, which are difficult to assess from the ground and risky to climb.
● Allowing buyers to survey the area surrounding the property in which they are interested.
They can get a sense of access points, traffic patterns, competing and complementary
businesses, support services, etc.
● Saving time and money by streamlining surveying and mapping processes.
● Showing large properties in the most time- and cost-effective manner. Rather than
driving around acres of land, potential buyers can see everything they need from a short
video and/or series of high-quality photographs.
● Marketing your firm. Listings with aerial photographs and videos are exponentially more
compelling to buyers — and they make your company look terrific. More real estate
professionals are incorporating drone technology. In this fast-paced industry, keeping up
with the latest trends is non-negotiable.


If you’re looking for professional drone services, Boston’s own CDS has you covered. Our
experienced operators will capture the imagery and data you need to close the deal. Contact us today about your listing. 


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