Realizing the full value of your drone program

April 5,2018

When we have meetings with companies about implementing drones into their day-to-day operations, there are certain benefits of drones that always come to the surface:

  • Faster turnaround time compared to traditional methods
  • Drones are typically more cost effective
  • Drones require less manpower than traditional methods

As with many new applications, there are plenty of additional areas where drone technology can bring value to your business that you may not be considering. Here are 5 alternative benefits a drone program can bring to your company:

Improved Worker Safety

Of the 991 deaths reported in the construction industry in 2016, Falls, struck by object, electrocution and caught-in/between were responsible for over 600 deaths. UAVs make the jobsite safer by reducing worker exposure to many of the hazards workers face. Drones can keep your team safely on the ground for routine inspections that would typically require someone to climb a ladder. They can also run routine visual safety inspections to ensure that your site is as safe as possible.

Competitive Advantage

A construction company that is leveraging drones has a distinct competitive advantage over one that is not. Potential customers are going to work with the team that can provide a safer jobsite, more actionable data and one that can complete a job in less time and under budget. Companies leveraging drones can confidently position themselves as thought leaders in the industry rather then followers.

Lower Workers Comp Costs

A direct byproduct of drones creating safer job site is that companies will encounter fewer accidents that lead to workers comp claims. OSHA estimates that employers pay 1 billion per week for workers’ compensation costs (workers’ compensation payments, medical expenses, legal services).

New Insights From New Data

UAV technology is providing companies with entirely new data set to take advantage of. This can be as simple as using photos and videos that previously weren’t available to using the latest LIDAR and modeling sensors.

Added Productivity

Drones are saving companies time through a variety of applications. A site survey that typically takes a team of two a full days work to complete can now be done in 40 minutes with one worker operating the drone. Not only does this allow for a faster turnaround time but it also allows the company to reallocate their workforce to focus on other priorities.