Increase Your AirBnB's Visibility with Aerial Marketing

October 31,2017

Increase your AirBnBs visibility with aerial marketing. 


So you've made the choice to list your home or second home on AirBnB. The next challenge is, how do you stand out from all the other listings that are in your area? You can list all of your homes differentiating amenities and features, but more and more owners like you are finding that these descriptions are getting lost in the fray. The truth is, AirBnB offers an outstanding platform to list your rental home, but unless you take action, your home will inevitably blend in. So what can you do to make your AirBnB rental appealing to a potential renter?


The top AirBnB owners are finding that the most effective and valuable tactic is to employ a marketing strategy that truly makes your home stand out from all the other listings. The key idea to keep in mind when crafting your marketing strategy is to sell not just the home but also the experience. We've seen owners craft and market experiences (places to eat, activities to do and sights to see) for their potential guests. Allowing the browsing customer to envision themselves staying at the rental listing. 


Similarly, aerial marketing is being used by  AirBnB's top producing owners. Drone images of a property will make any listing stand out on the AirBnB website. When those are coupled with a professionally taken and edited aerial video owners are ensuring that they will capture the attention and imagination of a prospective renter. This is because with a short video (usually no longer then 1:00) owners can highlight their listing, and just as importantly, the surrounding area. An aerial marketing strategy can show a future renter what their experience could be like if they stay a listing. 


At CDS we are seeing our customers take the next step by leveraging our aerial marketing videos in their online advertising campaigns. By making an investment in digital marketing these owners are driving more eyeballs to their listing and more renters into their homes. If you're interested in learning how we can help you craft an aerial marketing campaign for your AirBnB, contact us today to schedule a call! 


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