New England Commercial Drone Services Most Frequently Asked Questions

September 18,2017

As the leading commercial drone company in New England, the team at Commercial Drone Services, Inc. (CDS) is constantly fielding questions about the drone industry. Many of our long-term customer relationships started as conversations about how drones could drive value in their industry before delving into specific use-cases.


Our team is extremely consultative. We tend to take a process-oriented approach to working with new clients. This always starts with understanding how/why our prospective customers are interested in the practical applications of new technology. 


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get here at CDS:

Are drones safe?

No, drones are not safe when they are being operated by a novice. It takes a professional pilot with the appropriate training and to operate a drone safely.


How expensive is a drone and the equipment?

Expensive. Drone technology is constantly changing and requires a consistent investment to ensure you are operating the most up to date equipment. 


Who is responsible for editing and data managment? 

CDS handles all editing and data management in house. For creative projects, we take your input and suggestions to help design the finished product.


Can you fly at my site? 

It depends on the airspace your site is in. As a part of our pre-flight checklist we make sure that your location is safe for UAV operation. 


How do I know if my project is right for a drone?

Call us! We field requests on a daily basis about various types of projects and if they might be a fit for a drone. 


What is typical turnaround time for a commercial drone project? 

Outside of our commitment to process, safety and reliability, we pride ourselves on the fastest turnaround in New England. All of our projects are completed and edited within 48 hours of the shoot. If a project needs to be completed faster, we can edit in 24 hours or faster. 


As a customer, do I need insurance?

No. CDS is fully insured and licensed meaning you do not require any additional insurance.  


Where are you located and what areas do you service? 

Our headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts. We service all of New England. We travel often for clients and as a young, agile team are willing to go wherever our work takes us. 


Why use a drone services company?

Many of our customers have experimented with their own drone, some have crashed and the majority have concluded that flying drones to collect actionable data is not their core business and have returned to the conversation to explore the benefits of using a drone services provider. Some of the main reasons why our customers work with us instead of building out their own drone program are:

      • Skill
      • Safety
      • Regulatory Compliance
      • Insurance
      • Equipment
      • Software

There is a caveat to this, some firms have decided they'd like to launch an in-house drone program. CDS does have experience helping firms launch UAV teams internally. We are working on a blog post about this for next week. 


Please reach out with any questions you have about drone services, applications, regulations, or technology. You can reach us at (781) 492-8048.