Four Practical Ways CDS, Inc. Helps Construction Firms Implement Drone Technology

September 4,2017

The construction and development industries have always been at the forefront of progress, embracing advancements and integrating the latest technology.  You can’t stop progress — but you can leverage it to mitigate risk, cut costs, improve safety, increase efficiency, and boost the bottom line. These are exciting times, and we’ve been busy helping New England’s leading construction and development firms implement UAV technology to realize these benefits and more.

With CDS, your firm can optimize:

  • Project Monitoring/Progress Reports. Picture this: you are juggling multiple job sites or managing a variety of renovation/reconstruction projects simultaneously. You have to run between sites to monitor progress, productivity, equipment, and safety. Or you could deploy a drone to do it for you and review video, photos, and data remotely... You’ll save time, energy, and resources — all of which you can invest right back into your business.
  • Site Surveying. UAVs enable you to survey sites quickly and with an exceedingly high level of accuracy, without the need for extensive man-hours, machinery, and profit-sapping surveying tools. CDS’s end-to-end solutions deliver actionable data when you need it and in a format that makes sense. According to DroneDeploy, drone-based aerial surveying reduces the time needed to fully survey a site by one-third. That’s 33% more time you have to put those insights into action, another way UAVs boost your ROI.
  • Safety Inspections. Ironically, safety inspectors often have a dangerous job, whether they’re scaling hundreds of feet in the air or walking across treacherous ground. Drones mitigate risk during the inspection process.Let’s look at one example: the annual death rate for cell tower inspection is ten times that of construction work. UAVs allow inspectors to conduct a full and accurate appraisal with feet planted firmly on the ground. And, of course, aerial photos and video provide vital, real-time information that  professionals can leverage for safer jobsites.
  • Understanding and interpretation of FAA regulations. CDS is adept at piloting drones and helping you capture the images and information you need. This means we also have to be good at interpreting FAA regulations. The Federal Aviation Administration is the UAV watchdog and has a laundry list of requirements, from UAS and pilot certifications to operating parameters. Failing to comply can throw a wrench into the works, grinding your project to a halt. We make sure your firm colors inside the lines when it comes to the use of drones.

That’s just the beginning. CDS also helps businesses implement their own in-house UAV programs. We’ll provide comprehensive training to your team, including flight instruction by our elite US pilots, construction industry-specific drone training, FAA test prep, and strategic consulting to ensure you realize a healthy ROI. With UAV technology, you can see your business soar to new heights. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

As quickly as technology is evolving, firms across the country are becoming aware of the ways in which drones can help them achieve their business-building goals. With CDS’ full suite of solutions, you can save time, reduce risk, enhance profitability, and market yourself as a leader in this fast-moving field.


If you or somone at your organization is thinking about leveraging drones, please contact us today. 


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