The Future of Drones on the Jobsite

March 28,2018

Drones will shape the jobsite of the future

Through automation & integration drones will serve as the data lynchpin for the future jobsite.


As the commercial drone industry, and technology as a whole, continues to surge forward, the future of drones on the jobsite is becoming more clear. It is closer to reality than fiction to imagine a future where UAVs, powered by AI and data integrations, perform crucial analysis and safety checks without any human input.

Currently, construction companies have already adopted drones as a crucial tool in their day to day process. And, as we’ve already seen, technology advancements have allowed drones revolutionize the jobsite in a very short period if time.


The future drone will be equipped with even more sensors then today and powered by advanced machine learning technology. These improvements will allow drones to autonomously scan the entire jobsite making safety checks, taking measurements and documenting progress, all in the fraction of the time that it takes today and without the need for constant human monitoring.


Construction companies around the country are finding that, what was science fiction yesterday is today's reality. Drones and drone technology are enabling on demand measurements and maps generated in the field, no need for a day of data processing. They are allowing construction companies to perform crucial inspections and required safety checks. They are keeping teams up to date on project progress and are even helping capture all of that work upon completion with marketing photos and videos. If your team is ready to start leveraging the power of drones on your job sites, contact us today.