CDS Inc. boosts productivity among New England construction and development firms

November 12,2019

Commercial Drone Services Empowers New England Based Development Companies to Boost Productivity 


Busy these days? If you’re like most construction professionals… you don’t have time to answer. The industry has more than rebounded from the 2008 slump, and the upward trend continues. Development companies are often stretched thin between high demand and skilled labor shortages making  finding ways to streamline processes, save time, and cut costs is even more critical than ever. Using drones for progress monitoring not only allows our construction and development clients in New England to achieve these goals, but to be far more agile on the ground. 



Using Drones to Capture Construction Progress Monitoring 


New England construction and development is booming, particularly in the Greater Boston area. Progress monitoring encompasses a wide variety of goals and activities, from observing construction work and assessing its conformance with the Project Supervisors to tracking materials and evaluating whether there are resources onsite. But one of the most important aspects is identifying changes and potential trouble spots, as well as obstacles that could impact both the budget and the schedule.


CDS empowers construction construction and development companies to:


  1. Identify and stop errors before they go too far. A small mistake early on in the construction can lead to a big, costly mess down the road. Drones, which provide real-time imagery and aerial data, can detect issues before they have a chance to derail project budgets and schedules. Contractors, architects, and other professionals have time to course correct and get back on track.


  1. See where planning and execution don’t align. On any construction project, there are layers upon layers of work being done, from top level design to on-the-ground execution. The chances that miscommunications or errors can occur are relatively high, given all the “cooks in the kitchen,” so to speak. By continually monitoring progress, you can see where actual work may be deviating from the plan - and then do something about it.


  1. Access data for faster, better decisions. Unlike imagery and intel from helicopters, planes, or satellites (which are exorbitantly expensive), drones can deliver data in real-time as you need it. There’s no waiting around for the information you need, which may be obsolete by the time you receive it as work continues. Decision-making is streamlined and, as importantly, based on accurate data.


Applications for drones in the construction industry are growing. In addition to facilitating faster, better progress monitoring, companies can improve safety, reduce risks and liabilities, enhance security, and streamline processes from design to execution to cleanup. Commercial Drone Services can help you avoid costly errors and ensure optimal results on your projects.


For more information about how Commercial Drone Services empowers Boston’s top construction and development companies to create accurate, high-resolution drone maps, reports, 3D models, and real-time 2D maps please contact us today by filling out this form.