Drones are Helping Civil Engineers Save Time & Increase Productivity

May 21,2018

Environmental consulting companies are finding drones to be a useful tool when it comes to helping their clients stay in compliance with state and federal environmental regulations. In some cases, the deliverables (drone maps) created by UAVs are helping companies increase on the ground productivity by 50% over the course of their projects.

Traditionally most industries rely on outdated and difficult to read maps and visual aids created by information gathered by employees on the ground. Not only are these types of maps difficult to decipher, they are also time consuming to produce since they rely on manual inputs and data collection.

Blog 1Example of a traditional AutoCAD generated site map

By transitioning from black and white field maps to drone generated orthomosaic maps that included up to date aerial images field teams can quickly orient themselves onsite saving the time it takes to understand not-to-scale traditional CAD maps. Leveraging drone produced maps not only saves time but also allows for greater productivity in the field by allowing the employees on the ground to annotate and update maps in real time.


Blog2 Example of drone generated to scale map

At CDS we leverage the most up to date drone mapping software. Since the software solutions are cloud based we enable your team to communicate and collaborate on any maps in real time. If you’d like to learn more about how your team can leverage drone technology, contact us today.