October 18,2019

Boston based Columbia Construction chooses CDS to outsource their drone program

Construction companies throughout the greater Boston area and New England as a whole are choosing to work with CDS to build a drone program rather than bringing their drone program in-house.  


As covered in previous blog posts there are a myriad of reasons why companies look to drone service providers to handle all of their aerial marketing and aerial data capture needs. Columbia, one of New Englands leading construction firms, understood the power of drones on the job-site and leaned on CDS for our hardware, technology expertise and job-site experience.



CDS was able to quickly understand and develop a plan that matched Columbia's needs while also staying abreast with the latest regulations and drone technology. The result is a partnership that exceeded the expectations of our client and allowed us to deliver value while also keeping Columbia separated from the challenges of implementing drones on their job-site. We have also been able to help Columbia to start to expand their in-house drone program by offering consulting and expertise.


"Partnering with CDS allowed us to immediately expand both the coverage and legitimacy of our existing drone program. CDS enables us to fly in areas that we wouldn't normally feel comfortable flying in, maintain regulatory compliance and empowers our growth with a one-stop solution in the form of drone surveying, video production and the incalculable value of experience that only a professional drone operator can provide. Over the years, CDS has become more than just a capable partner - they have proven to be an essential extension of our company by routinely providing operational and regulatory guidance when operating our own drone program."

- Josh Folsom, Chief Technology Officer Columbia Construction 


Our goal at CDS is to continue to provide our clients with the latest drone technology and expertise while always prioritizing regulation compliance and safety. By using CDS to supplement and expand their commercial drone capabilities Columbia has been able to both recognize the value of drone technology while at the same time they are able to outsource the challenges and potential challenges they could face only relying on their in-house program. 


If you are interested in starting a new commercial drone program or you'd like to expand/improve an existing program, contact us today